Are you a Cool Girl?

You’re a Cool Girl if…

  • You have a dream bigger than reality.
  • You think tomorrow can always be better than today.
  • You believe helping others makes you better.
  • You give without expectation.
  • You don’t see a finish line.

Being a Cool Girl means…

  • Never saying no to a challenge.
  • Finding your own path.
  • Always striving to do and be better.
  • Helping without being asked.
  • Finding joy in others’ happiness.

You are the superhero of your own story. You might not wear a cape, and you might not know how to fly (yet), but you do have super powers. You can always find a positive view in a negative situation. You find people in need and help them. And, above all, you are always yourself. You are a Cool Girl and we want to hear your story. Read about other cool girls here, and tell us about your story here.

Cool Girl Pledge

I pledge to uphold awesomeness at all times, make others happy when they are down, and live by my own rules. I promise to tackle every challenge with hope and determination. I will always strive to be selfless, helpful, and brave. I pledge to dream big and work hard. I am a Cool Girl!