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Bee Chelse

Name: Bee Chelse
Age: 29
Location: Chicago
Occupation:  Medical Student

Bee Chelse is probably where the saying “busy like a bee” comes from. She wakes up at 4AM and works all day as a medical student, doing everything from assisting doctors with surgeries to shuttling specimens to the lab. Her days don’t end until nearly 8PM, when she returns home to sleep. Not only is she buzzing around trying to treat people who need medical help, but in her limited spare time she likes to strap on her sneakers and run! It’s hard to keep pace with this Chicago resident, but to achieve her goals requires the same things a marathon runner needs for victory: speed and dedication.

After moving to Las Vegas from Brazil as a child, Bee spent her formative years with an assortment of relatives. Although she doesn’t look back fondly on her time in that sweltering Nevada city, she’s grateful that she met her three closest friends there. They all moved to Chicago and are still extremely close to this day. Bee’s interest in medicine didn’t begin in Vegas, or even while she was in school. It was only after high-school, when she began working with the organization Families For Early Autism Treatment, that she became intrigued with child neurology. Continue reading Bee Chelse