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Bug Girl

Name: Bug Girl
Age: 48 (ish)
Location: Michigan
Occupation: Administrator of a University Research Center

Although Bug Girl grew up in central Ohio, her family moved to Texas when she was thirteen. The culture shock, along with the fire ants and poisonous snakes, made the environment less than hospitable to this outdoorsy, bookish young girl. Fortunately, her love of learning and nature-loving moxie helped her to get by.

When she was an undergraduate student, Bug wanted to study zoology, animal behavior in particular. “Insects are a handy study organism,” she explains. “PETA isn’t much interested in them, they are small and easy to observe, and, as a bonus, they tend to be most active during afternoon/evening hours, which pretty much matched my undergraduate schedule. I initially wanted to work with birds, but that only lasted for two 5AM observation sessions.”

As a Masters student, she took an entomology course in order to broaden her academic background. It was then that she became hooked. She loved that entomology allowed her to combine her curiosity about animal behavior along with assisting in the creation of sustainable agriculture. “I could do more than just say “Bad Farmer!”‘ she explains. “I could offer actual alternatives to using pesticides, or to develop methods of fine-tuning pesticide applications so less was used. Also, I got paid to run around outside, act like a nut with a net, and turn over rocks. WIN!”

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