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Jill Fontaine

Name: Jill Fontaine
Age: 24
Location: Daytona Beach, Florida (The Sunshine State!)
Occupation: Marketing Director by day, Cupcake Baker by night

Twenty-two year old Floridian entrepreneur Jill Fontaine wants to make your life a little sweeter. This baker and marketing maven has a sugar-coated proposition for everyone stressed out from the daily grind: “Stay calm, have a cupcake!” And she’s looking to help you do just that with Stay Calm Cupcake Shop.

Jill’s creativity in the kitchen began at a very young age, when she’d sit on the counter and help her mother by stirring the brownie mix. But that doesn’t mean that Jill chalks up her baking ability simply to her love affair with the culinary arts. “Baking is a practiced craft, and either you have it or you don’t,” she says. “I like that not everyone can pick up a whisk and call themselves a baker.” Her customers know how lucky they are that Jill has turned her well-honed talent into Stay Calm’s cupcake crusade.
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