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Amanda E. Lauter

Name: Amanda E. Lauter
Age: 28
Location: Atlanta, GA
Occupation: Head of Community Engagement at MailChimp

Amanda Lauter works for a monkey business. That’s to say she works for the highly-regarded email marketing company MailChimp, making sure that companies are sending emails without a hitch. This Atlanta native also spends her days toying around with new ways to make the service even more efficient by implementing various social media outlets and innovations.

As a child, Amanda was exposed to technology in a way that sparked her curiosity. She remembers her parents IBM 286 computer and playing a game called Reader Rabbit. “The game was actually pretty weird in retrospect. I remember an anthropomorphizing harlequin rabbit twinkle-toeing on a tightrope, typing words, and then there was an awesome function where I could type stories,” she says.

After studying Fine Arts with a concentration in Cinema Studies at Oberlin College, Amanda decided to pursue a career in video editing, but her path to splicing frames was cut short by a serendipitous offer to work for an up-and-coming company called Mail Chimp. When she was brought on board there were only thirteen employees, over the past two and a half years they’ve grown to a staff of over seventy.
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