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Sascha Ingram

Name: Sascha Ingram
Age: 27
Location: Brooklyn, NY. But my heart’s in Oklahoma.
Occupation: Education Coordinator at Murray’s Cheese

Sascha Ingram is the big cheese. Well, she can tell you about the big cheese, and the small cheese, and nearly any type of pasteurized or raw milk cheese. Sascha works as the Education Coordinator at Manhattan’s largest cheesemonger, Murray’s Cheese, which is a pretty delicious job to this Norman, Oklahoma native.

Growing up, Sascha’s grandparents laid the groundwork for this connoisseur of all things fresh, bloomy, hard and blue. “As a kid, my grandparents used to give me a whole wheel something called farmer’s cheese in my stocking for Christmas. I felt like the luckiest kid ever. Years later, once I was a few years into a career in education, I started working one day a week at a specialty grocery store run by some friends of mine. Soon one day a week became every day that I wasn’t at the school, plus evenings, until I was closing the store, baking on the night shift, reading cheese books on my breaks at the other job, and eating dozens of cheeses a week.”

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