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Beth Brownlee & Ruth Nichols

Name: Beth Brownlee
Age: 54
Location: Reno, Nevada
Founder -Trust Your Journey

Name: Ruth Nichols
Age: 49
Location: Reno, Nevada
Occupation: Co-Founder of Trust Your Journey

Beth Brownlee and Ruth Nichols have made it their mission to give all women a voice. As Beth battled breast cancer, a friend gave her a gift that displayed the words “Trust Your Journey.” It was then that she realized that she could use her survival to bestow the same inspiration and motivation for women across the globe to share their tales of sadness and triumph with one another. She envisioned an online community where women could draw strength from one another and where they could obtain clothes, jewelry, and other goods that could serve as reminders of this message.

Beth teamed up with her colleague Ruth, who worked with her at Columbia Sportswear as a fellow sales manager. As Beth explains, “It just so happens that the greatest challenges of our lives happened while we were at Columbia.” Ruth had been through tough times as well, she was raising her young son after losing her husband to chronic health problems. So the two women, united in their strength and resilience, founded Trust Your Journey, an company that works to bring women together to honor their courage and to revel in life’s triumphs.

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