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Jen Kennedy

Name: Jennifer Kennedy
Age: 37, although most days I feel like 27
Location: I live in Eliot, ME but work in Portsmouth, NH
Occupation: Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation and the Marine Life Guide for

When Jennifer Kennedy was a child, her parents gave her a book on whales. Her mom wrote on the inside, “Hopefully you’ll get to see some of these in person on a whale watch someday!” As an adult, Jennifer gets to rub flippers with whales on the many whale watches she goes on as the co-founder and executive director of Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation. In her job for Blue Ocean Society, she gets to be a whale watch naturalist for Atlantic Fishing & Whale Watching in Rye, New Hampshire, while also helping to conduct educational programs and beach cleanups. You would think that a job at the helm of a non-profit would be enough, but Jennifer is also the Marine Life Guide for By writing articles for, Jennifer is able to share her knowledge of the ocean and its inhabitants with people all over the world. Continue reading Jen Kennedy