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Jessica Fragoso

Name: Jessica Fragoso
Age: 30
Location: Yonkers, NY
Occupation: TV Reporter

Jessica Fragoso looks before she leaps…out of planes at 13,500 feet! This multi-talented skydiving TV reporter is remarkably down to earth for a woman who spends almost as much time in the clouds as she does on the ground.

On Memorial Day Weekend of 2010, Jessica profiled a fallen soldier named Michael Tarlavsky. An adventure-loving Army Captain who was killed in Iraq in August 2004, Jessica was inspired by Michael’s courage to take her first skydive.

After that first taste of sky, she knew she had to jump again, and quickly started training at Skydive The Ranch in Gardiner, New York. The skill of the Scarecrow skydiving team stoked Jessica’s ambition, and she decided she would do whatever it took to train and compete at a national level within a year. Ever since then she’s been regularly training at a wind tunnel at SkyVenture in New Hampshire, under the guise and mentorship of Scarecrow national competitor Rob Antalocy, who soon became her teammate.

“Rob has been such an inspiration and I couldn’t imagine having anyone else by my side,” Jessica says. “His hard work, dedication and love for the sport is truly inspiring…and he’s extremely talented.”

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